Thousands of people now have access to safe, clean drinking water because of you!

In Togo, you provided ten wells for over 700 people who live in small, rural communities that have been living without clean water till now.

In Lizulu, Malawi you helped provide water to 1,500 people, including about 200 orphans!

In Kenya, after a devastating 5 years of drought, now over 1,200 people have access to safe clean drinking water because of you!

In the Congo, you built a well that now provides water for 400 people in an area where one of our partners, Exile Intl, is working with war-torn families.

In Senegal, you built 2 wells and supplied water to an area that is brutally hot and within a couple hours drive of the Sahara Desert.

In Chad Africa, after a cholera outbreak in the fall of 2016, 900 people in 3 different villages now have clean water.

In Central African Republic, a well now provides water for 500 people!


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