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Who We Are

The Well Coffeehouse

We are a coffeehouse with a bold vision to make a difference in both our local and global communities.
As a missional coffeehouse focused on sustainable solutions to poverty, we turn profits into hope. We do this by creating a product you love, serving you with a smile, and giving all of our profits to people in need.

We love coffee. We love people even more.

How We Started
The Well started with a group of friends who wanted to make a difference in the world by putting our faith and love to action. We didn’t feel wealthy and we weren’t coffee experts, but we came to realize, even though we struggled like most people to keep up with our monthly bills, we had been given so much and had so much to give!

As we realized how much we had, we began to open our eyes to other realities that we had ignored for far too long. We were shocked as we discovered how many people around the world were dying every day because they didn’t have access to the basic necessity of clean water.

But people across the world weren’t the only ones hurting. The more we opened our eyes, the more we realized that people in our own neighborhoods were longing for community, hope, and love.

The Well is our way to love the world and meet those needs.

But this isn’t just our story; it’s yours too. When you buy cup of coffee from us, you are contributing more than just a few dollars; you’re writing a chapter of hope into the story of the world. Ultimately, you’re filling The Well, so that we can pour hope and love into the lives of people in desperate need.

So let us serve you a cup of your favorite coffee, as together, we serve the world!

What We Do

Clean WaterLOVE.

Thousands of people now have access to safe, clean drinking water because of you!

In Togo, you provided ten wells for over 700 people who live in small, rural communities that have been living without clean water till now.

In Lizulu, Malawi you helped provide water to 1,500 people, including about 200 orphans!

In Kenya, after a devastating 5 years of drought, now over 1,200 people have access to safe clean drinking water because of you!

In the Congo, you built a well that now provides water for 400 people in an area where one of our partners, Exile Intl, is working with war-torn families.

In Senegal, you built 2 wells and supplied water to an area that is brutally hot and within a couple hours drive of the Sahara Desert.

In Chad Africa, after a cholera outbreak in the fall of 2016, 900 people in 3 different villages now have clean water.

In Central African Republic, a well now provides water for 500 people!



The Well is dedicated to Roasting and Serving Great Coffee. We are 100% about the mission of providing clean water, and 100% about making the best possible cup of coffee!

Every bag of coffee is sourced with two thoughts in mind: 1. Quality of Flavor 2. In areas where we can make maximum impact in the community.

We take the time to make sure our premium coffee is fully developed to bring out the best out of what each bean has to offer.

The farmers we partner with for our coffee work hard and with excellence. Our goal in the Roasting process is to work just as hard to make sure every flavor and aroma reaches it’s fullest potential.

Our commitment to superior coffee speaks for itself in every sip!

The Board of Directors

Mike Lenda – CEO, The Well Coffeehouse

Mike Lenda CEO Well Coffeehouse

Intersecting purpose with passion is Mike’s personal and professional pursuit, striving to make an impact in communities locally and globally to amplify the voices of those who aren’t being heard. His favorite part of the journey has been the people he’s met and worked with along the way – inspiring and leading teams to create a place where customers, donors and employees feel known, loved and cared for while caring for the world around them. Mike joined The Well after marketing and leadership roles with non-profit organizations Compassion International and Nashville-based Blood:Water. Prior to his experience in non-profit, his career has spanned the entertainment, food and retail industries, including nine years with Starbucks Coffee, both in store operations and leading regional and national marketing strategies throughout the US.

He’d love to tell you more over a cup of coffee. Mike lives in Franklin with his wife of 17 years, Rachel, and their five children.

Contact Info: @mikelenda

Chris Soper, Co-Founder, Chairman

Chris Soper

A Veteran Retail Manager with more than 15 years of Sales experience. With a strong background in Retail and a desire to Lead a Change in the World and his family.

In his own words: I want to show my family and the world what a Christian Business should look like, by doing what is right with the profits of a business, not what the world thinks we should do with the profits. My desire is to show that this life is not about ourselves but something bigger and that how we live, what we do, and how we do it make a statement about Whose we are. When we do we trade in our personal desires for His desires. And His desire is to take care of His children.

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Image June 15, 2016 8-06-51 AMRob Touchstone, Co-founder, Chief Mission Officer

Rob learned to be an entrepreneur while finding and selling golfballs as a kid growing up near a golf course in Marietta, GA. He has a passion for the marginalized and impoverished and believes that one of the most effective ways to address local and global needs is through business as mission.

Rob wrote the vision for and co-founded The Well Coffeehouse in 2012 as a social enterprise that turns profits into hope for those in need and was named Nashville’s Business Innovator of the Year in 2016. Rob is the creator and Director of Lipscomb University’s Center for Business As Mission where he teaches and mentors students to think missionally about business and entrepreneurship. Rob planted and leads Well House, a missional network of churches that gather in The Well Coffeehouses each week. He earned a Master of Divinity from Lipscomb University and served students for 16 years as a youth minister.

Rob’s greatest blessing is his family. He is happily married to Aimee and they have four children – Anna, John Mark, Mary Ann, and Andrew.

Contact Info –

Patrick Bennett, Board Member

Pat Bennett


I grew up in Greenfield, IN, a suburb of Indianapolis. There were literally basketball nets in 90% of the driveways, and many friends with whom to play. I’ll never forget the late night one-on-one games with friends, only lit by porch lights and headlights.

Favorite Coffee Drink at The Well

I’ve never had a bad drink at The Well but I tend to migrate toward The Fireside. If I’m feeling healthy, I’ll get even crazier and go with The Skinny Fireside, which is almost as good!

Source of Inspiration

In July of 2012, our family vacationed with dear friends at a lake in Greers Ferry, Arizona. We were having fun on jet skis and boats, and jumping off bluffs that were around thirty-feet high. My wife, Cynthia, hit the water wrong and burst-fractured her L1 vertebrae. That jump forever changed our lives, our outlook on life, and enhanced our appreciation for God’s providence, love, and care, specifically through our church, Otter Creek. We are thankful Cynthia wasn’t paralyzed and is able to live a relatively normal/active life. It’s a long story with many lessons and unanswered questions—a story I’d love to share with anyone over a coffee at The Well!

My Hero

My hero is my late maternal grandfather, Howard Myers. He loved people. He nursed and cared for my grandmother as she battled and finally succumbed to AplasticAnemia. He nursed his second wife through a long and terrible fight with cancer. He never complained—just served and loved. He was fun-loving, loved to laugh, worked hard, and helped shepherd his church. He truly was the hands and feet of Christ.

Favorite Moment at The Well

About eighteen months ago, The Well Board knew we had to be out of our Green Hills location by a predetermined date. The Brentwood location seemed to slipping away to another tenant and we had nowhere to go that was affordable. We truly wondered what God was doing. As a board, we prayed collectively and individually for wisdom and discernment. Within about a month, both the Brentwood and the Granny White locations fell into our laps. We went from having no space, to major responsibility for two locations. We then gathered at the Brentwood location to sign the lease. It was cold, being in the dead of winter. The site still had a gravel floor, no walls, and was barely even a shell from the outside. We set up a folding table and all signed the lease. We prayed together, thanking God for what he had done and what he was going to do. We prayed for the customers that would someday walk through the doors. We prayed for the baristas who would serve those customers. We prayed for The Well’s mission. It was a special time.

Seed that Lead Me Toward The Well

My family and I have been on three mission trips to Siberia and Belarus. Serving in
that way allowed God to show us how small and insignificant we really are, as well as how the world hurts and needs Jesus. We began thinking about how we could help others more. We pledged to live our lives a bit outside our comfort zone, while doing our best to help others and try to love people as Jesus loves us. Combining those experiences with our family’s love for coffee and caffeine … The Well is a perfect fit.

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Shanta Murray

Matt Yates, Board Member

Matthew Yates


Hometown I grew up in Nashville, TN, and have lived here my whole life. My favorite memories as a child were spending time in the woods hunting or on a lake/pond fishing. I spent time (too many hours to count) fishing with my dad or hunting with good friends. It’s awesome to see how God can display His glory through the outdoors he created. It wasn’t even about catching fish or taking game, as much as it was spending time with those you love.

Favorite Coffee Drink at The Well

The Cuban or a good Chemex-style pour-over

In My Spare Time…

Spare time … is there such a thing? I love spending time with my wife and daughters, just catching-up and seeing how they are growing/maturing.

Source of Inspiration

Humankind inspires me. I know that’s very broad, but it’s true. It’s inspiring to see how people adapt and overcome life circumstances that they are born into and/or have chosen to live with. How people come from nothing and achieve everything. How a person can have only the shirt they are wearing and a meager shack to live in and be some of the most joyful people you have ever met!

My Hero

My hero is my dad. He left the comforts of the United States and served in Vietnam as a very young man. He taught us how to love God, our family, and our fellow man. He’s displayed a life of service for as long as I can remember.

Favorite Moment at The Well

My favorite moments are when I walk in and it’s jam-packed full of people enjoying time with friends while drinking a great cup of coffee. It’s so overwhelming to see how much God’s hand has blessed this business.

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Bart Liddle

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Debbie and Tony Zancanaro

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Indianapolis, Indiana—lifelong Hoosiers

Favorite Coffee Drink at The Well

The Cuban

Something Interesting About Us

We are both physicians, a pediatrician and a radiologist. We’ve been married longer than not, having two children, TJ and Angie, and a wonderful son-in-law, Nate.

Source of Inspiration

As people who have been exceedingly blessed by God, with so much more than we need, we see one of our mandates as helping other people experience blessings. Clean, potable water is a basic necessity of life. It is our great privilege to be able to spread this living water as we also spread the true Living Water.

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